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Wrongful Termination Issues In Maryland

Wrongful Termination Issues In Maryland | The Ray Legal Group, LLC.The following article will cover:
  • The concept of “employment at will” and its implications for employees in Maryland.
  • The potential benefits of having an attorney on hand if an employee suspects they will be fired.
  • The considerations regarding non-compete agreements for professionals and executives in Maryland.

What Does Employment At Will Mean For Executives And Professionals In Maryland?

The concept of “employment at will” is universal for all employees. It signifies that an employee can be hired or dismissed for any reason, or even for no reason. The only exception is that an employee cannot be dismissed for a discriminatory reason. If you are a union member or if your employment is governed by a contract, “at-will” employment typically does not apply.

If An Employee Suspects They Will Be Fired, Can They Request To Have An Attorney On Hand? What Good Could That Do?

Having an attorney in such situations can be beneficial, depending on your specific circumstances. For instance, if you suspect impending termination, it might be prudent to engage an attorney. The attorney can potentially file a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC prior to your termination, which can be used as leverage to negotiate a severance agreement, provided the facts warrant such an action and a plausible claim of discrimination exists. Employers are often less inclined to negotiate with employees once the termination has taken place.

If A Professional Or An Executive Is Terminated In Maryland, Is The Employee Bound To Any Non-Compete Agreement?

The applicability of a non-compete agreement depends on whether you, as an employee, signed such an agreement during your employment. Signing non-compete agreements is not uncommon in professional or executive roles.

If An Employee Is Terminated, Is He Or She Entitled To Any Unpaid Vacation, Sick Days, Shares Or Other Payouts?

Your entitlement to payouts for unpaid vacation, sick days, shares, or other benefits post-termination depends on your employer’s policies regarding these benefits.

When Does A Maryland Employee Have A Right To File A Lawsuit Against A Former Employer For Wrongful Termination?

In Maryland, you typically have grounds to bring a wrongful termination claim under three distinct circumstances:
  • If you are facing retaliation for claiming workers’ compensation.
  • If you are being retaliated against for refusing to engage in criminal conduct at the behest of your employer.
  • If you are facing retaliation for attending jury duty.
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