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Hiring The Right Employment Law Attorney

 A person analyzing stats of court cases on a digital screen - The Ray Legal Group, LLC.In this article, you can discover:

  • The optimal time to hire an employment law attorney to protect your rights.
  • The significance of written records in helping your case.
  • Crucial red flags to be aware of when selecting the right attorney for your needs.

When Should You Hire An Employment Law Attorney?

It’s recommended to seek an employment law attorney soon after informal discussions with human resources do not resolve your issue. While it’s possible to initiate the EEOC process independently, having an attorney ensures your claims are filed correctly, maximizing the potential for a favorable outcome.

How Can You Assist Your Attorney In Strengthening Your Case?

Documenting all communications, especially those with Human Resources, is pivotal. Confirm all conversations in writing and retain copies to provide a clear record for your attorney.

What Warning Signs Should You Look Out For When Seeking An Employment Law Attorney?

Two red flags to watch for are:

  1. If an attorney hastily schedules a consultation, charges a fee, only to tell you they can’t assist.
  2. The attorney lacks genuine experience in employment law but advertises otherwise.

When researching potential attorneys, review their past experiences, and look for genuine client feedback. These steps will help you avoid inexperienced or potentially unscrupulous lawyers.

What Makes Your Approach To Employment Law Unique In Maryland?

Unique consultation methods set this firm apart. Instead of charging consultation fees without knowing the details of a case, consultations are conducted to truly understand the client’s situation. Many cases, even challenging ones, are accepted on contingency, meaning the client doesn’t pay unless the case wins. This approach is relatively rare and showcases a commitment to justice over profits.

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